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Research Fees

I charge $75 per hour. This includes all time spent on research, report writing, and travel inbetween local repositories. I do not charge for travel to the New England Historic Genealogical Society or the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants. I am willing to travel to any sites in New England and Albany, N.Y., with just the hourly rate charged. Other sites considered on a case by case basis. I have extensively researched at the the Washington, D.C., repositories and the library at Salt Lake City. All incidental expenses back to the client. These expenses include photocopies, postage, parking, tolls, and access fees where charged.


Editing Fees

I charge $75 per hour for editing services. If the project is long-term, I am willing to negotiate a contract.


Lecture Fees

I charge $250 per lecture for each one given that is listed under Lectures. I am interested in developing new lectures to your requested topic(s) at $350 per lecture. There is no charge for travel within two hours of Boston. Beyond that, the sponsor is responsible for travel (either 30 cents per mile or plane ticket), plus other travel incidentals such as hotel room and meals. I am willing to negotiate on multiple presentations.


Consulting Fees

I charge $75 per hour for all services. If the project is long-term, I am willing to negotiate a contract.


Start of Service

Service will begin as soon as my schedule permits.  Usually this timeframe is within 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of your request and documentation.   Each case is handled in the order in which it has been received.


Time Limits

Each client should set a time limit for the initial research. Depending on what is encountered, I can issue preliminary reports to see if the client would want to extend the original limit. At the end of the time limit (usually one hour is reserved for report writing and analysis), when I have found the answer, or determined that the problem will not have an easy answer, I will create a final, full report for the client. Most single-issue queries take 4 to 10 hours.


Deposit Required

I require a three-hour minimum deposit for all cases, or one-half of the total time limit given by the client. New clients should send a deposit for the entire time requested.



Each invoice includes acknowledgment of the deposit, a breakdown of all charges subtotals for labor and expenses, and the total amount now due. The invoice will be enclosed with the report. Payment is requested within 30 days.



Regular services include genealogical and historical research, analysis of your research to date with suggestions on where to go next, editing your manuscript for publishing, indexing your manuscript, taking photographs of buildings or gravesites, taking rubbings at gravesites, and lecturing. The client should request in advance if photocopies of all relevant material, certified copies of vital events, or creation of a genealogical database is desired for regular genealogical research. These services may incur a surcharge.


Areas of research

I conduct research mainly in the northeast. I specialize in Vermont, Rhode Island, and French Canadian research. I start most research projects at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, Mass., unless your request is specific. I do travel over all of New England. I am willing to negotiate for trips outside of New England. Please contact me for details.


How can the client help?

To make sure your research request is handled efficiently, the client should clearly present the problem(s) at hand and give a detailed listing of everything that has been searched (regardless of its outcome). Make sure your request is concise. Most are obvious; for example: What is the ancestry of Mary (Jones) Green, 1819-1884, who married Frank Green in 1842? Your data should include all known dates and places, and especially their sources! Another example could be: Where did John E. Parker live between 1830 and 1850?  It is best if each case contains up to three concise questions to be answered.


Contact:  Drew@YourGenealogist.com


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