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My geographic areas of specialty are Vermont, Rhode Island, and Quebec, though I have researched cases in many of the states from Alaska to the east coast, Canada, England, and France. I also specialize in Mayflower lineages. I have successfully researched in records from the 1500s to the present with heir tracing and genetics studies in private and governmental records. My practical limitation is research in the northeastern United States and Canada unless a client would like me to travel beyond New England. The two research centers that I have visited the most outside of my region are the National Archives, Library of Congress, and the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) in Washington, D.C., and the library at Salt Lake City.

The scope of each research project is left to be defined by the client. Each request for research should be given a maximum time limit to spend on the case. The client should provide a list of all sources checked (including the ones that contained no useful material) and a detailed sketch of the subject(s) with sources to all the data. The client should provide a specific question or list of questions that the client hopes to have answered. Consider each question carefully. One like "I want to know anything about John K. Jones" is fairly vague, but one such as "I want to know the ancestry of John K. Jones, born circa 1812 in Massachusetts and died 21 Dec. 1889 at Lincoln, Ill.", is actually strictly defined.

The client is advised to take the extra time to provide the most information that is carefully arranged. It may take the client some time, but you are rewarded with a more efficient and less costly search. Effective research requests generally involve four to ten hours. A minimum of one hour is reserved for report writing.

If prospective clients have any questions, they are urged to email me.


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